Texas Rollergirls

Texas Rollergirls

During the 2014 and 2015 seasons, I had the honor of assuming the role of art director for the Texas Rollergirls, a prominent flat-track roller derby league situated in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas.

As the art director, I worked closely with the league’s marketing director, Bex Luty, to establish and uphold design standards that embodied the essence of the Texas Rollergirls brand. Leading a dedicated team of artists, I oversaw the creation of captivating graphic assets tailored for a diverse range of mediums, including print, web, video, and even in-venue digital signage. It was my responsibility to ensure that every piece we produced maintained the league’s cohesive visual identity.

One of the highlights of my tenure was spearheading the design of major projects such as bout posters, which served as powerful visual representations of the upcoming roller derby matches. These posters captured the excitement and energy of the sport, enticing fans to come and experience the thrilling atmosphere firsthand. Additionally, I had the opportunity to design souvenir programs, engaging digital ads, and professional stationery that reflected the league’s professionalism and dedication.

Apart from my role as art director, I enthusiastically volunteered as the game-day bout producer for an impressive duration of five years. In this capacity, I took charge of coordinating various aspects of each event, working closely with team captains, skilled skaters, talented announcers, and other essential bout staff. My goal was to ensure that every game-day experience was smooth, seamless, and punctual, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for both the participants and the fans alike.

My time with the Texas Rollergirls was not just a professional endeavor but also a personal passion. It allowed me to contribute my artistic skills and organizational abilities to a community-driven sport, leaving a lasting impact on the league’s visual presence and the overall success of each roller derby event.

Texas Rollergirls Graphic Design