KXAN Olympic Weather Image

Lone Star Emmy-nominated promotional spot for KXAN’s First Warning Weather coverage.

The Winter Olympics presented a golden opportunity for us to showcase the extensive experience and knowledge possessed by our weather team. With the eyes of the Austin market on this prestigious and highly-anticipated sporting event, we aimed to captivate viewers with the assurance that they could rely on KXAN’s First Warning Weather coverage for accurate and dependable forecasts. The creation of this promotional spot required meticulous planning and coordination, and the creative services department worked synergistically to bring our vision to fruition. In my capacity as a motion graphics designer, I dedicated my expertise to design visually stunning elements that seamlessly blended with the footage, elevating the promotional spot to truly engaging and memorable levels.

The Lone Star Emmy nomination we received for this project was a testament to the dedication and talent of our team. It was a recognition of the collective efforts invested in producing a promotional spot that effectively conveyed the depth of knowledge and professionalism associated with KXAN’s First Warning Weather coverage. This project not only showcased the capabilities of our weather team but also demonstrated the creative prowess of the entire creative services department. It served as a reminder of the impact our work can have on both the station’s reputation and the viewers’ trust. Overall, this experience was a testament to the power of teamwork and collaboration, resulting in a standout promotional spot that left a memorable impression during the Winter Olympics and beyond.


January 2014