KADN “How I Won My iPad” Contest Promo

“How I Won My iPad” contest promo for KADN in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Working as the manager and sole member of the promotions department at Fox 15, I took on the exciting task of producing a captivating contest promo centered around the TV show, How I Met Your Mother. This promo was carefully crafted to engage viewers and encourage participation in our Watch, Click & Win promotion. With every responsibility falling on my shoulders, I eagerly embraced the opportunity to demonstrate my skills and creativity.

As the sole contributor to this project, I embraced the challenges and responsibilities that came with it. From conceptualization to execution, I was dedicated to delivering a remarkable contest promo that would captivate viewers and drive participation. By utilizing my skills in scriptwriting, clip selection, motion graphics design, and editing, I was able to create a captivating promo that exceeded expectations, as this watch & win-style contest received more entries than any other in the previous 10 years.

This project was a testament to my ability to multitask, think creatively, and produce high-quality promotional content independently. It underscored my passion for the industry and my commitment to delivering exceptional results. The How I Won My iPad contest promo stands as a proud achievement, representing my skillset and dedication as a promotions professional in the highly competitive world of television broadcasting.


July 2010