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KXAN – Murder In The Lost Pines

I had the opportunity to be involved in an exciting project at KXAN, where we sought to push the boundaries of online investigative storytelling. Taking inspiration from the acclaimed Snow Fall story by the New York Times, we aimed to create a multimedia-rich experience that would captivate and engage our audience.

With my extensive knowledge of WordPress and expertise in web design, I was invited to join the team and provide valuable assistance in establishing best practices for future stories. Once the written content was finalized, I collaborated closely with the art director and the digital team, actively participating in scrum meetings. We delved into various aspects such as coding, layout, typography, media placement, and optimization.

In addition to my role in shaping the story’s digital framework, I also contributed graphic design elements that enhanced the overall visual appeal and impact. It was truly a collaborative effort where each team member’s expertise complemented one another to create a cohesive and immersive storytelling experience.

The culmination of our hard work and dedication was rewarded when this story became a part of KXAN’s entry for the prestigious Regional Edward R. Murrow Award in 2016. Our collective efforts in driving website excellence resulted in a well-deserved recognition for the entire team.

View Online: KXAN Investigates – Murder in the Lost Pines


April 2015

2016 Regional Edward R. Murrow Award