KXAN News Graphics

From 2011 through 2016 and again from 2017 through 2019, I worked at KXAN, the Nexstar-owned NBC affiliate in Austin, Texas.

I worked diligently to build and execute daily newscast still and motion graphics. This involved creating visually captivating graphics that enhanced the overall presentation of the news, ensuring a polished and professional look. With careful attention to detail, I produced captivating animated opens and graphics for programming and promos, adding a dynamic touch to the on-air content.

I eventually rose to the position of lead artist/art director. With this role came a multitude of responsibilities, as I not only managed a dedicated staff of two talented individuals but also took on the crucial task of shaping and defining the graphical look of the station. Together with my team, I oversaw the entire design process, ensuring that our work was not only visually striking but also aligned with the station’s objectives and resonated with the viewers.

The time I spent at KXAN was highlighted by an extraordinary achievement—a consistent number one position in the local television ratings. This remarkable feat was a testament to the collective talent, dedication, and unwavering passion of our team, as well as the strong support and engagement of our local community. By continuously delivering exceptional “In-Depth, Investigative” content, staying abreast of industry trends, and nurturing a connection with our viewers, we solidified our position as the preferred choice for local news.

News Fullscreen & Showcasing Examples

Special Report Motion Graphic Examples

I wrote the book on KXAN's News Graphics

In my role as lead artist, I worked with the Marketing and News Directors to update our news style guide. I removed outdated graphics, added new graphics, clarified points made in the previous style guide, and added an AXIS user guide to help producers navigate our workflow software.

I then laid everything out in Adobe InDesign and published it both as printed copies and as an easy-to-search PDF to our document share and presented it to the news department.

Media General Circle of Excellence

Media General Circle of Excellence Member

Circle of Excellence is regarded as Media General’s highest honor, comprised of an elite group of employees who have demonstrated the ability to go above-and-beyond every day, inspire others, and drive Media General to be an industry-leading media company.

In 2014, I was honored to be peer-nominated and selected to represent KXAN on the annual Circle of Excellence trip to Cancún, Mexico, where I had the opportunity to connect and network with other Circle of Excellence winners from across the country.