Nexstar Media Group—Nashville Design Center

Nexstar Media Group, the largest local television company in the United States, boasts an impressive presence with a staggering 200 stations across small, medium, large, and major markets. Spearheading the creative endeavors of this media giant is the renowned Nashville Design Center, serving as Nexstar’s designated graphic design hub. With utmost expertise and professionalism, the Design Center caters to the design needs of all the company’s stations, ranging from dynamic graphics packages to compelling print materials and innovative digital projects.

In the year 2019, I embarked on an exciting journey as an Art Director at the distinguished Nashville Design Center. As an individual deeply passionate about visual storytelling, I found my calling in the intricate art of Chyron Prime design. However, my contributions at the Design Center extend far beyond this specialized skill. With a vast repertoire of creativity and ingenuity, I have successfully undertaken a multitude of projects, leaving an indelible mark on the organization and its stations.

Project Management

The role of an Art Director encompasses the responsibilities of a project manager. In my capacity as an Art Director at the Nashville Design Center, I not only contributed to the creative process but also meticulously supervised the syndication of multiple graphics packages to various stations. This involved establishing clear milestones and deadlines, closely monitoring progress, and effectively managing pivotal stages of the project. The significance of seamless communication and coordination cannot be overstated. I fostered collaboration among team members and maintained open lines of communication with station staff, ensuring a cohesive workflow from the initial conceptualization phase to the successful launch and even beyond.

Nexstar’s Chyron Prime Expert

I have amassed over 5 years of extensive expertise working with the Chyron Prime CG platform, honing my skills at both the station and hub levels. Within the company, I have gained a reputation as Nexstar’s esteemed resident Prime expert. When any station requires assistance with their bug or ticker, they consistently turn to me for support. It brings me immense satisfaction to offer my unwavering assistance, utilizing my extensive knowledge and abilities to address their needs with utmost proficiency.

Prime Highlights Include:

  • Ground-up design and buildout of the Prime scenes powering the NewsChannel 3 Anytime subchannel at WREG Memphis.
  • Design of the package tickers for NDC-3, currently on-air at WRIC Richmond, WDCW Washington DC, and WMBB Panama City and Base 1, seen on WPIX New York and WPHL Philadelphia. Features include 8 modules, dynamic promo messages, and the ability to change colors of the main ticker bar.
  • Coordinating with the corporate director of graphics systems to help create a workflow for using Florical automation software to trigger Prime events, including construction of the base templates used by stations to update snipes, dynamic time & temperature spots, and programming credit squeezebacks.

Skills & Proficiencies

  • Chyron Prime CG – Expert
  • Chyron LyricX CG – Advanced
  • Chyron NewsTicker CMS – Advanced
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, After Effects, Photoshop, InDesign) – Advanced
  • Ross Xpression CG – Novice
  • Cinema 4D – Beginner
  • Asana project management software – Novice